Friday, January 18, 2008

Conversations Book Club: NOLA Debut!

I will be there, Saturday, Jan. 19, 1 PM, Comfort Inn and Suites Downtown (346 Baronne St.). Details below:

On Saturday, January 19, 2008 book lovers and fans from Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia will converge on New Orleans for the debut of "Conversations* New Orleans," hosted by radio/television show host Cyrus A. Webb.

Conversations Book Club in New Orleans is pleased to be uniting readers of all genres, races and genders around great books and authors. Meeting at the Comfort Inn and Suites Downtown (346 Baronne St.) every 3rd Saturday at 1p.m., the group will talk about authors that are making an impact on the literary scene and get to meet them live and in person.

Moderated by Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb ( of Mississippi, the group will host authors Corey "C-Murder" Miller (DEATH AROUND THE CORNER) and Latricia Peters (GIRL, NAW!) in its first meeting and announce some exciting news for book lovers worldwide. Special guests include Mississippi author Vocele Savage (A LETTER TO MY SISTERS) and Louisiana authors Dedra Johnson (SANDRINE'S LETTER TO TOMORROW) and Clarence Nero (THREE SIDES TO EVERY STORY).

Webb and Miller began working together in January 2007, bringing a series of scheduled conference call discussions with book lovers in Mississippi and listeners worldwide to chat about Miller's bestselling novel DEATH AROUND THE CORNER. After the success of the phone chats, Webb and Miller were able to partner again to orchestrate his visit to Mississippi--- the author's first-ever stop outside of his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana in promoting his book. The response was over 2000 attending the two days of events and hundreds of books being sold in the state. (Watch Conversations' exclusive tv interview with Miller by visiting here:

For details, feel free to visit or contact Cyrus A. Webb at You can also contact Webb's assistant, Robin Garder, at 601.664.8805.

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C. A. Webb said...

Dedra, it was so good to meet you at the debut of Conversations in New Orleans. Can't wait to see you again next month when we will be featuring you and your wonderful book. Stay encouraged, and let me know if I can help you with anything.

Dedra Johnson said...

Thank, Cyrus! I'm looking forward to it, too, and can't wait to talk about the book with you.

"Stay encouraged"--exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!