Friday, October 21, 2011

Squirrel Cat

Cairo has always had different relationships, or conflictships, with each of the 3 cats:

Man he hovers over like Man is the weak link in the herd [which he is--so old, he's lost all his body fat, his fur thinning and now white close to his skin, a walk that's like a creep through glue];

Oshi and he alternately hate each other, are nearly homicidally jealous of each other, or want to kill, or at least play roughly with, each other, and will not separate, no matter how loud the growling, hissing and scrambling get;

Tabby, the youngest cat, was softening her hardline position but Cairo was too much of a dog to lick her on the top of her head which she offered him every time she came near him.

Then Cairo saw Tabby climb the neighbor's crape myrtle. He seemed a bit stunned by her dash up the tree. The only things he's seen climb trees are squirrels he nearly chokes himself trying to get to.

Since then, he has been obsessed with Tabby. He growls, yodels, whines when she comes inside and chases after her, intentions unclear. He gets more hyperactive than usual and can't hear any commands, not even the word "cookie," his favorite word other than "Cairo," and one of us has to scoop up Tabby and place her somewhere out of his reach, or grab Cairo and hold on with both hands and a little body weight to keep hm from running to her so fast he bowls her over. He gets this look on his face these days like, DAMN! Y'all never told me she was a SQUIRREL, too?!?

pics by dsbnola

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