Thursday, January 3, 2013

Napoleon Complex

I knew from the start that basenjis are tough little dogs but Cairo has been mostly playful and friendly, reserving his teeth-baring and growls for Chows and pit bulls. Then he met my father's (intact) 100-lb 18-month-old German Shepherd. Cairo made growls and whines and screams I've never heard and all he wanted to do was growl at that dog, steal his toys and rawhides, and jump at the German Shepherd when he was crated and Cairo was not. The Shepherd could put Cairo's head in his mouth with plenty of room to chew. Smallest dog around, biggest fucking attitude. I kept telling him:

  1. Stop being such a damn gangsta!
  2. All right now, Cairo "Katt Williams" Basenji!
  3. Why are you trying to make me look bad?
Cairo will not be visiting again.

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