Sunday, July 12, 2009

MPB Writers: African American Writers uplinks

Anthony Grooms, Ravi Howard and I talked with Gene Edwards some months ago and now the episode is available, but only if you ask [read: convince] your local PBS station or stations to link up. Some details from a dearest fan:

Here’s what you do:
  • Call the station’s program director. In New Orleans, that would be Elizabeth Utterback at WYES (504.486.5511) and __________ at WLAE (504.830.3719).
  • Explain that there’s a Mississippi Public Television program you would like to see. It’s called Writers, and the episode “African American Writers.”
  • Note that Mississippi Public Television offers the program royalty-free to to any PBS affiliate across the country.
  • The standard uplink is scheduled for Sunday, July 19 @ 16:30 ET, SD 07.
  • The high definition uplink is scheduled for Wednesday, July 22 @ 17:00 ET, HD 03.
  • In New Orleans, emphasize the local angle: Dedra.
  • Elsewhere, just say it’s a kickass program and you’re itching for a compelling reason to donate to public broadcasting.

Take that last one how you will. I think a critical mass [?] could get WYES to broadcast it.

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