Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where to Find Me Other than Facebook

I have left Facebook. I'm not a real social network person. But what drove me out was the 50+ requests to answer quizzes, play games, see who had a crush on me or thought I was attractive or thought I might join an ashram in 5 years. It was a lot of activity for very little real contact with the real people I miss. Every day, more people recommended people I should "friend" on Facebook until there were only a handful of people on my Friend list that really were friends or people I wanted contact with. And the people I remain in contact with I rarely if ever contact via Facebook. It was useful, I'm sure, for readers to find me there but they can find me in other ways.

Maybe, too, Facebook is getting to be passe. Everybody's grandmother and grade school chum and former student is on it. I guess I like less social or network in my social network.

Where you can find me:

Library Thing
Red Room
Blogger [right here]

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